Richmond B.C., Canada
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About Me

Ginny Wilkie was born in Montreal, Quebec growing up in an artistic environment with artists such as Lismer and Cosgrove who were regular visitors to her parents home. "I grew up in Montreal, which was a very cultural city. My parents were very involved in the arts and music scene there and I was therefore highly involved from an early age".  She moved to Vancouver and eventually received her education at the University of B.C. studying Art, Fine Arts and Education while moving in circles with educators such as Sam Black and family friend Raymond Chow.  Always having a love for creating, Ginny worked in many art areas, in her earlier years focusing on pottery and brightly painted dough figures for children, then eventually expanding to painting and creating large wall murals for children.

In later years, now living in Steveston B.C., Ginny embarked into a new area of artistic interest, acrylic paints and molding paste. This has proven to be her passion. With a love for clear, crisp colours and iridescent glow, she manages to capture vibrant and uplifting molded images on canvas.

"I like to mold and paint simple, uplifting and vibrant paintings, particularly of trees. Clear, crisp colors are important to me. The images are not necessarily meant to be realistic, I am more into creating illusions of reality. As to why I mold and paint so many "leafless" trees, I am interested in the simplicy, the contrast of the textured trees with the purity of the glowing backgrounds." 

Ginny is a an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a member of the Richmond Artist's Coalition and The Richmond Artist's Guild. She has several large paintings on permanent display at the Richmond Hospital in Richmond, BC. as well as several private collectors of her art.

Commissioned work welcomed.